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Hi, I am "Jewish Producer," the producer of the WORLD famous Inflammatory Talk podcast with Mr. Midnight Movie. I have experience in film, TV and radio but most currently I am working with Mr. Midnight Movie on a documentary film project. Consider it a long-term goal we have set for ourselves.
Meanwhile we work on our podcast, INFLAMMATORY TALK, a talk and interview-based internet radio show that investigates current events as well as critique the work of leading voices within the controversial issue of race relations. But we are much more, Mr. Midnight Movie (Brian) and Jewish Producer (Joseph) are an entertaining and educational jaunt that includes regular callers, open line calls and a variety of topics of discussion, along with a healthy dose of DJ drama.
Listeners know that Inflammatory Talk is introducing a "first half free, second half subscribers only" model, which allows us to continue broadcasting commercial free and independent of corporate censorship rules. Supporters will be getting more entertaining quality, edu-tainment that also includes access to our new Mr. Midnight Movie forums, free downloads of previously hidden shows, and the full archive of other extras....and now you can subscribe to Inflammatory Talk via Patreon!
We're continually growing and welcome you to check out all of our currently available FREE content, then subscribe when you realize you just can't get enough.
We are all about protecting our freedom of speech, and ask for your support to allow us to walk these murky waters as a budding community.
Become a subscriber if you are interested in being a part in furthering the crusade for freedom of speech. We formed in 2010 and remain enthusiastic about building a community interested in building a better world.